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High Point Market

Recently had the privilege of being part of a student exhibit at High Point Market

Pictured Above: Me in front of my student exhibit

Designing For High Point

The design prompt for the 6 week 'by Design Challenge' is to develop home furnishings using at least 80% of a single 4'x8' sheet of 3/4" plywood. The Challenge consists of two parts, each culminating with an exhibition of prototypes at High PointMarket, the worlds largest Home Furnishings trade show.

The exhibition of scale models at Fall High Point Market culminates in the 'popular vote' with winners from each school being invited to exhibit their full-scale prototypes during Spring High Point Market at the Suites at Market Square.

About My Design

For the Crescent Lounge Set I wanted to experiment with bending wood while keeping the entire set flat pack and easy to assemble. I used a kerfing technique, small slits in the wood, to achieve the curvature of the lounge. The small cuts allow airflow, making the lounge breathable.

The Crescent Lounge Set was inspired by rattan wicker with its unique woven texture and ability to bend. I wanted to focus on bending the plywood without having to mold it, keeping the cost of fabrication lower through kerfing.


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