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Summer Teaching Assistant

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Being a summer teaching assistant for students applying to the school of industrial design taught me a lot.

Pictured Above: students working hard to finish their projects


T.A. Life

Being a T.A. for summer op. was such a joy over the summer. Industrial design Summer Op. is a group of classes one has to take, pass, and be at the top of the class to become accepted into the Industrial Design Program at Auburn University. I was chosen to be a teaching assistant for the studio. The studio for summer op. is broken down into three sections: technical drawing, perspective drawing, and marker rendering. I was a T.A. for the perspective section.

In this role I was tasked with assisting the professors by grading drawings, helping students, and answering their questions. What I loved most about this position was meeting the potential new class of industrial design students, seeing their creativity and watching them improve each week was inspiring.


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