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The Ultimate Fan Experience

Keeping college students involved in school events via the Ultimate Fan Experience app where being involved and buying school merchandise gets you points and first access to upgraded  events and gear

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Client: WW&L Ticketing

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Style Guide & Goals

  • Make a user friendly platform that encourages fan participation and attendance at events

  • Make purchasing merchandise easy and the experience of the package unique & fun

  • Create a system that rewards users for their dedication & love of attending events

Login / Signup

  • Exclusive to your School

  • Users can add their school - as a student or as a super fan - to keep up with events time, and location,

  • Shop new merchandise ahead of time, and keep up with their earned points from buying items on campus

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Going to School Events


  • Keeps you in the know about events you may have not seen before

Earn points 

  • Spending money at your University or attend a University events contribute to earning points

  • Keeps you involved on campus

  • Higher attendance rates for the university’s sports and

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Earn Points
  • Points earned act as coupons or % off of purchases you make in the future on the app

  • 100 points = $1 off

  • Points can be earned by spending money at the University or by attending and posting about University events

  • Encourages more participation in stands and posts about events (2).gif

Buy Merchandise 

Earn and Spend Points

  • Points act as a way to get cash back from spending money on your University/ by helping boost attendance at an event

  • Points can be spent on merchandise boxes or special tiered items (Gold, Silver, Bronze)

  • Pick out items you want in a bundle or order a pre-made bundle

  • Ship to your address or pick-up at school store

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Order Bundles

  • Able to purchase a bundle ahead of time

  • Packages feel exciting to open and create hype before event occurs

  • Hand picked items to fit the needs of the customer

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